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Condar Company invented the first practical, magnetic woodstove thermometer in 1975 and patented it.  Since then millions of homeowners have discovered the benefits of woodstove thermometers.

Safety is our prime concern.  You shouldn't burn your stove too cool, generating dangerous creosote in the fluepipe.  Nor should you burn too hot -- risking damage to your woodstove and house, and wasting wood.

Condar's founder, Mr. Richard Cornelison, purchased his first woodstove in the 1970s and soon discovered he couldn't tell how his stove was burning, so following manufacturers' operating instructions was impossible.  He soon found out that other consumers had the same problem:  You can't tell how your wood fire is burning by looking at it!

It's logical.  You can't bake bread in an oven with no thermometer.  You can't run a wood fire efficiently and safely without measuring how the stove temperature is doing.  A small investment in a quality woodstove thermometer is the best investment you can make in better operation, saving valuable wood and maximizing the heat output of your fuel.

Not every woodstove thermometer is manufactured by Condar Company.  Acquire a genuine Condar thermometer and compare.  The bimetallic coil is bigger and better.  It is calibrated accurately.  And made in Columbus, North Carolina USA with high standards of quality.

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a Condar thermometer calibrated to use
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